Lesson 1 Quiz

1. Which of these letters does not exist in written Hawaiian?
   b) Y
2. Which of the following is not a possible Hawaiian word?
   a) llama; Hawaiian does not allow consonant clusters like ll
3. What is the correct pronunciation of aloha?
   c) "ah   loh   hah"
4. ‘Elelū (cockroach) should be spelled as:
   b) ‘okina ‘ē ma‘aka lā ‘ē lā ‘ū kō
5. How would the English word 'canopy' be recorded in Hawaiian?
   c) none of the above; the 'ae' sound in 'canopy' does not exist in Hawaiian
6. How many syllables does the word mūhe‘e (squid/cuttlefish) have?
   b) 3; mū   he   ‘e
7. Which of the following words contains a diphthong:
   b) naonao (ant); naonao contains two instances of the diphthong ao
8. Moano (goatfish) should be broken down into syllables as:
   a) mo   a   no
9. ‘Aeko (eagle) should be stressed as:
   b) ‘áeko; ‘áeko contains the diphthong ae, which must be stressed on its first member, a
10. Ponumomi (ladybug) is a compound of the words ponu (beetle) and momi (pearl). Ponumomi should be stressed as:
   c) pònumómi; each word in compounds receives stress

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